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Package Management in CentOS and create own respository

Package management is an important task for administrators. Using this post, you will learn package management using rpm command and yum. Packages can be delivered into two primary ways –

Some source code pre-compiled binary files

Now we are more dependent on packages generally bundled, actually, one file wraps up with everything needed to make . . . → Read More: Package Management in CentOS

Managing Disk Storage using fdsik

Managing disk storage is the day to day task for the Linux administrators. Few tasks are –

Adding new disks create partitions formatting partitions mount and umounting partitions

Suppose you have recently added a new disk in your server or system, use the following steps to create partitions, format partition and mount the partition to . . . → Read More: Managing Disk Storage using fdsik

Disk Quota on Linux Machine

Yesterday I was discussing Disk Quota on Linux Machine with my students. I know that no one is master, so we have to share our knowledge with other. I decided to write this post who are not good in Linux or learning Linux Administration.

Sometimes Disk space can be limited, and . . . → Read More: Disk Quota on Linux Machine

Welcome to HindiCBTs

After a long time, I am again starting my website.

Welcome back again.

scp – not copying files on remote host

Recently my one of the friend installed CentOS 6.9 minimal. He was complaining that why I am not able to ssh remote host and why scp is not copying files on remote server. I have already generated ssh keys.

Solution / Answer: I did some investigation and found some –

openssh-client package is not installed . . . → Read More: scp – not copying files on remote host