[Hindi CBTs] CCNA - Basic Routing Concepts

This video is related to what are the concepts of Routing in Networking, how routers perform routing, what is routing table, administrative distance, best path, best path selection and many more.

[Hindi CBTs] CCNA - Router basic configuration 1

This video is an extension of the previous video. You will the concepts of serial cables. How to add serial card / module in Cisco Router, how to compare different series or routers and how to attach module in cisco router in packet tracer add serial cable.

This video also covers concepts of DCE/DTE and . . . → Read More: [Hindi CBTs] CCNA – Router basic configuration 1

[CCNA] Basic Router and Switch Configuration.

You can learn basic router and switch configuration by watching this video. I covered configuration like hostname, ip address on interface, telnet configuration, save the configuration, backup configuration on tftp server and other.