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CCNA CBTs Topics

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After a long time, Finally I decided to create a complete series of CCNA videos in Hindi Language.

CCNA CBTs Topics

  1. What is Networking & Need of Networking
  2. Communication over Network
  3. TCP and OSI Model
  4. Application Layer
  5. Transport Layer
  6. Network Layer
  7. IP Addressing and Subnetting
  8. Data Link Layer span>
  9. Physical Layer
  10. Concepts of Ethernet and Network Cabling
  11. Basic Introduction to Cisco Devices and Basic configuration of Router.
  12. Introduction to Routing
  13. Introduction of Routing Protocols
  14. Static Routing
  15. Dynamic Routing Protocols
  16. RIP (Routing Information Protocol)
  17. RIP V1
  18. CIDR and VLSM
  19. >RIP v2
  20. EIGRP
  21. OSPF
  22. Introduction to Switching
  23. VLAN
  24. Basic Security on layer 2
  25. VTP
  26. Inter VLAN Routing
  27. STP
  28. Introduction to WLAN
  29. Implementation of Wireless in VLAN Network
  30. Introduction to WAN
  31. PPP (Point to  Point Protocol) span>
  32. Frame Relay
  33. Welcome to Network Security
  34. Access List
  35. Introduction to TeleWorker services (VPN)
  36. DHCP, NAT, RIPing
  37. Network Troubleshooting
  38. Router and Switch password recovery.
  39. Router and Switch IOS backup and recovery


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