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How to install mikrotik

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In this post, I will discuss how to install Mikrotik

You can install Mikrotik on regular PC but a dedicated Mikrotik RouterBoards are available to install

You can get verious RouterBoards on the official website


So, before install Mikrotik on Real hardware, I want to explore on Virtual environment. I will use VirtualBox but you can use Vmware Workstation on Windows or linux Systems.

According to the Mikrotik, basic requirments are

IA32 Hardware requirements

  • CPU and motherboard – advanced 4th generation (core frequency 100MHz or more), 5th generation (Intel Pentium, Cyrix 6X86, AMD K5 or comparable) or newer uniprocessor (multi-processor systems are not supported) Intel IA-32 (i386) compatible architecture
    with PCI local bus
  • RAM – minimum 32 MiB, maximum 1 GiB; 64 MiB or more recommended
  • Non-volatile storage medium – standard ATA/IDE interface controller and drive (SCSI and USB controllers and drives are not supported; RAID controllers that require additional drivers are not supported; SATA is only supported in legacy access mode) with minimum of 64 Mb space; Flash and Microdrive devices may be connected using an adapted with ATA interface.
Step 1: Create a Virtual Machine
  • Open Virtual Box & Click on New

  • Click on Next
  • Enter name of Virtual OS (as you wish) & select operating system type (
    choose Linux – Other linux)
  • Enter amount of RAM (64 MB is sufficient for Demo, you can increase it to 2GB)
  • Click on Next( No need to change the values)
  • Finally click on create

Finally We have created  a Virtual Machine of Mikrotik


step 2: Install Mikrotik

Note: Before start Machine go to Settings-> Network -> Select Network Adapter (If you have working interface LAN / WLAN then you can choose Bridge if you don’t have then Select host only)

  • Start the Virtual Machine in VirtualBox Home.
  • Follow the Wizard & click on next
  • Select installation media (Physical Disk / ISO file) You can download ISO image from Mikrotik official website
  • Finally click on start

  • Select packages & press i to install & follow instructions
  • It will format theHDD & automatically install the Mikrotik.

Congratulations you have installed Mikrotik but before enter to reboot remove the Media or ISO image.

Now you can access OS by the console, but if you are not famalier with  CLI then you can use Mikrotik Graphical tool named Winbox.

You can Download it from official Mikrotik Site (Download Section)

but there is problem, OS doesn’t have any ip so you can accessby the MAC.

  • Run the Winbox & click on marked button

  • It is
    prompting you to 2 connection, just click on MAC Address
  • Enter user name : admin & Password : Block
  • Connect

If you getting any problem then you can assign IP Address to the OS or want to connect Winbox by the IP

  • Go to Virtual Machine Cosole
  • Enter User name : admin & Password is blank so enter
  • First of all check the interfaces

[admin@Mikrotik]>interface print

It will show ether1 as interface, now assign IP Address to interface

[admin@Mikrotik]>ip address add address= interface=ether1

(* If you are using bridge interface and you physical interface in the network then you can assign this ip. If you selected Host-only Interface then assign as IP because in the Virtaulbox host-Only adapters works in this network.)

Now again as well as last connect the
Winbox by the IP address

This is Winbox GUI Interface.


Congratulations you have installed & access the Fresh Mikrotik OS.

In next Section / post I will configure the Mikrotuk OS.



Amit Kumar Sinsinwar

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